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Pet Insurance Lifetime Cover

From Pets Insurance Guide , 2 year ago, Read 11 times. Similar articles

Pet Insurance Lifetime Cover Another factor to consider when looking at lifetime cover pet insurance One of the best things you should to do to protect your pets is finding pets insurance lifetime cover and protection. So, what kind of lifetime pet insurance are available today' What need to prepare, understand and type of policy to get full coverage of service' Low Cost Dog Insurance There are various type of pet insurance livetime cover plans. Some company may offer you $3500 for year... Read more
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Risky and Happy 2012

From Actuary-Info, 2 year ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

A happy new year to all Actuary-Info readers!While actuaries and other risk mangers are still trying to cope with 'real' (btw: what's really real') risks, a lot of other people are still worried about the risk of risks:The end of the worldas (assumed) predicted by the Mayans! Maya Calendar ExplainedConsult Cathryn Reese-Taylor (program director, department Archeology University of Calgary) (or read this link) for who's interested in the interesting explanation behind the end of the Maya... Read more
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Sylvester: ABP, Cut Pensions'

From Actuary-Info, 2 year ago, Read 2 times. Similar articles

At the end of 2011, let's take a short view on the madness around cutting pensions.As a leading example, I'll discuss ABP, a Dutch 240 billion pension fund and one of the largest pension funds in the world.Being fanatic blog readers and actuaries, you're probably 'in' for a teasing joke on Sylvester or 'New Years Eve'. As you all know communication is key in the pension business. However, as pension investment results get more volatile and complex (in? time) to explain, communication about... Read more
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Humor: Pickles Risk Management Lesson

From Actuary-Info, 2 year ago, Read 3 times. Similar articles

All credits to the author of Pickles:Brian CraneOriginal Sources /Links: - Gocomics : Pickles - The art of making Pickles - Pickles Wikipedia- Brian Crane Read more
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Forecast Period Principle

From Actuary-Info, 2 year ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

As actuaries we mostly try to shape the data for our models (ALM, Stress Tests, Assessments, Etc.)? on basis of economic scenarios. Recently we have experienced (Sub prime crisis, Bank crisis, Country crisis, Currency crisis, Debt crisis, etc) that our economy isn't that stable as we might perhaps have estimated or hoped (what's the difference nowadays') ............. In other words:Our Economy is chaotic by natureTherefore, to learn how to shape our data, models and equations in a more... Read more
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River Deep Mountain High Actuary

From Actuary-Info, 2 year ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

As actuaries we execute Risk management by the book. We dive deep into the tails of our risk sea and try to catch every small risk until we reach the value of the Planck constant. This approach was a proven method to success during the last decades. Our current financial crisis shows us that no asset class is free of risk. This crisis forces us not only to dive deep but also to look at the high mountains of economic risks and emotional winds.....In other words, to survive the next decades, we... Read more
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The Fastest Way To Get High Quality Targeted Traffic To Your Health and Fitness Website

From The Direction of Health Care in , 2 year ago, Read 2 times. Similar articles

by louisvolant The Fastest Way To Get High Quality Targeted Traffic To Your Health and Fitness Website Article by Brad Bahr There are a lot of methods floating around the Internet these days to supposedly help you generate web traffic. They range from the truly ridiculous, to systems that actually work. I’ve run several web businesses full time for over five years now. I’ve tried just about every traffic generating method out there. Let me save you some time and tell you what... Read more
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Fresh Health cover Policy Know very well what You're Paying for

From The Direction of Health Care in , 2 year ago, Read 2 times. Similar articles

Fresh Health cover Policy Know very well what You’re Paying for Article by normano briant Feel cost-free that will print/reprint this particular write-up inside it has the entirety inside your newsletter and also webpage if people leave each of the back links into position. Don’t modify this subject material in addition to add some reference common box seeing that outlined. You should mail a new be aware whenever it really is made use of. Thanks a ton. A person these days are... Read more
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Glyconutrients ? Improving health and preventing disease

From The Direction of Health Care in , 2 year ago, Read 4 times. Similar articles

by US Army Africa Glyconutrients – Improving health and preventing disease Article by sacha Tarkovsky “Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food”, Hippocrates. No phrase could be truer, as any honest doctor will tell you. Here we will examine glyconutrients, and how they can help supplement your diet program,improve health and prevent disease. Glyconutrients are large sugar polymers containing “monosaccharides” A monosaccharide is a carbohydrate... Read more
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New Themes: AutoFocus, Imbalance 2, and Reddle

From Affordable and Cheap Health Insu, 2 year ago, Read 11 times. Similar articles

Today we are absolutely thrilled to warm your creative hearts with the announcement of three new themes: AutoFocus, Imbalance 2, and Reddle. AutoFocus is an elegant, minimal theme designed for artists, photographers, and other creatives seeking a simple but beautiful way to showcase their talents online. Designed by Allan Cole, this oft-requested theme simultaneously boasts impressive featured images throughout and a clean, unobtrusive design that gets out of the way of what truly matters'your... Read more
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